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South Carolina Properties

Buckfield Plantation 11,452 Acres Hampton & Jasper Counties, South Carolina
Cherokee Plantation Memberships 7,000 Acres ACE Basin Area, South Carolina
Chelsea Plantation 5,892.89 Acres Jasper County, South Carolina
Silver Hill Plantation 2,557.7 Acres Georgetown County, South Carolina
Hoover Plantation 2,354.4 Acres Tillman, South Carolina
Mulberry Plantation 1705 Acres Charleston, South Carolina
Silver Lakes Plantation 935 Acres Clarendon County, South Carolina
Woodside Plantation (SOLD) 967 Acres Hampton, South Carolina
Salt Point Plantation (SOLD) 1032.39 Acres Near Charleston, South Carolina
Wimbee Creek Farm (SOLD) 109.75 Acres Beaufort County, South Carolina
Friendfield Plantation (SOLD) 765 Acres Georgetown, South Carolina
Cox Point (SOLD) 650 Acres Charleston County, South Carolina
Sheldon Plantation (SOLD) 577 Acres Beaufort County, South Carolina
The Sanders Farm (SOLD) 465 Acres Barnwell County, South Carolina
Duharra Plantation (SOLD) 393.8 Acres Colleton County, South Carolina
Brittan Point (SOLD) 255 Acres Charleston County, South Carolina
The Pineland Plantation (SOLD) 800 Acres Hampton County, South Carolina
Cuckolds Crossing (SOLD) 75 +/- Acres Colleton County, South Carolina
Hobonny Plantation (SOLD) 825.9 Acres Beaufort County, South Carolina
Davant Plantation (SOLD) 2040 Acres Jasper County, South Carolina
The Pineland Club (SOLD) 138.6 Acres Jasper County, South Carolina
Cook's Mountain (SOLD) 1131 Acres Near Columbia, South Carolina
Lakewood Plantation (SOLD) 2018.4 Acres Williamsburg County, South Carolina
Longbrow (SOLD) 730 Acres Colleton County, South Carolina
Saw Buck Plantation (SOLD) 1020 Acres Marion County, South Carolina
Carolina Plantation (LEASED) 1500 Acres Charleston & Georgetown Counties, South Carolina
Bennet's Branch (SOLD) 166.5 Acres Clarendon County, South Carolina
Woodie Hill (SOLD) 81 Acres Colleton County, South Carolina
Mansfield Plantation (SOLD) 893.4 Acres Georgetown County, South Carolina
Keller Farm (SOLD) 1,641 Acres Calhoun County, South Carolina
Part of Annandale Plantation (SOLD) 2685.5 Acres Georgetown County, South Carolina






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Plantation Service’s real estate brokers specialize in the sale of farms, timberland, plantations, and other significant estates. The South Carolina office is located in historic Charleston and is in the center of the “low country” plantation belt that runs from Georgetown, South Carolina to Savannah, Georgia.


Because of its location and natural beauty land in this area is highly sought after and development pressure has been intense. However, in recent years over 200,000 acres of these magnificent properties have been protected under conservation easements. Coastal South Carolina offers a fabulous lifestyle and would appeal to investors, sportsmen, nature lovers and other outdoor enthusiasts.

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